It’s Possible!

Subway to Mississauga
New Hospital in Mississauga
Reduce patient waiting time at hospital emergency rooms
Prevent development which will increase population density
Improve public safety
Effectively manage city resources
Stop property tax increases
Free outdoor recreational and fitness services
Free after school cultural and sports activities
Increase quality of life of our seniors

“Elena, your intelligence, drive, and understanding of how to make things happen are key ingredients for a successful project manager for that project. Almost everyone told me... that the task was impossible. You have shown today that success is possible. I believe the project is a phenomenal opportunity for solid community development and would help generate a positive spirit amongst tenants“.
James Moshonas, Acting Director Asset Management, Toronto Community Housing Corporation.
“Ms. Stoykovich was an excellent manager who was able to effectively bring together key stakeholders in the area to bring the project to fruition. She successfully achieved key goals by working diligently with a keen attention to detail while managing to keep everyone working on the project on the same page... In a short period of time she was able to gain the respect of the people working around her because of her strong work ethic and clear directions... Elena is perfect to generate the team consensus and to motivate corporations to make donations or to sponsor”.
Peter Li Preti, Toronto City Councillor.